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We hire full-time and expandable offshore outsourced customer support team

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The team grows with you, adhere to your value and culture and improve your KPI

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Happy Clients They are satisfied!

Hosted talented employees and We are growing!

Years of experience We are young and we are scaling up!

We offer

Long term close collaboration with adapted productivity tools
We do it simple, friendly and smart!

Customer Support

We help your customers to have easy and enjoyable experience with you

Dedicated teams

We offer you a team for full-time continuous cooperation

Use your tools

You do not need to change. We adapt ourselves to your requirements

Training and Learning

For direct impact on your productivity and performance

Trust and Safety

This is now cross-disciplinary. With integrity and competency, we do things right. With consistency, we meet the deadlines.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing allows you to be more competitive, sustainable and profitable with substantial labor cost savings.

Quality and Efficiency

These are about people. We enhance the human capital to mobilize employees around the strategic objectives of the company.

Scale up easily

Increasing sales is our top priority for your business to scale up. Employees learn fast, they are focused and are prepared for growth.

We support

No matter the size of your business, from small to large operations, our flexibility and our willingness to always satisfy our clients allow us to analyze their needs and adapt ourselves to it with proficiency


They entrust us with missions and are satisfied!

Luke Money


We are in good hands with Madeinmada. The team gives more than expected for us with its entire focus to all our needs. Madeinmada makes the outsourcing project in Madagascar a real success

Esther Wagura

Dlight Design

Setting up a commercial team in a country needs definitely the help of a local provider in order to ease the process. We are Thankfull to the Team Madeinmada for their continuous support

Amber Morris


We support NGOs worldwide. The HR and Payroll is a keypoint to all projects. We have Mirana Salam of Madeinmada to keep us updated with all changes in the labor laws in Madagascar

John Larson

Second-hand reseller

We outsource 90% of our activities. HR, Sales and Customer Services, Finance. We rely on Madeinmada Services since 2019. We have net increase of numbers and indicators every year

Nick Maina

Independant Consultant

We always refer to Madeinmada for our setup of outsourced project in Madagascar and especially for the recruitment process, communication channel and administration representation

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a customer service team?

6 weeks, or possibly sooner, after we start the recruitment process. The job descriptions help us greatly to find the suitable candidates from our database or from new advertisements. Once we have shortlisted 3 or 4 candidates per each requested post, we arrange interviews with you to select the perfect fit and we conclude with the employment contract and proceed with onboarding process right away.

 Can I define the number of staff I have?

You can start with one and extend further. We support you as your business grows. Anytime, you can add new team members.

What happens if one of my offshore team does not perform as needed? Can I have back up or replacement if need be?

The labor code allows probation period of maximum 6 months. Basically 3 months renewable once. It depends on the situation. it is an advantage for both side (employee and employer). For performance matter, we can improve with parallel training sessions or at the worst case, we can replace the employee respecting the notice period and laws. We restart the recruitment process.

Will my offshore team have good English / French language skills?

Yes. Madagascar is a francophone country and a former French colony. French is the second official language, spoken by approximately 26.5% of Malagasy people. English is spoken by few numbers of people mainly in workplaces, the professionals, bureaucrats, people who work in the tourism sector, or members of the elite and the few young people in language groups speak it. We are selective in our recruitment and provide English training courses for our English speaking staffs.

Are the staffs dedicated to my business only? or do they work for multiple clients?

Staffs recruited for you will be 100% dedicated to your business.

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Madeinmada is an outsourced customer service subcontractor based in Madagascar. English and French speaking Team

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